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   Date  Event  Place
   2nd(fri) and 3rd(sat) Nov  National Convention of goodwill interpreter  Mastushima town


                  ------------ Regular Events ---------------                                  

(Members participate in these events purely on voluntary basis depending on their conditions.)        

Second Tuesday of every month: English/Japanese translation study meeting

Every month:                           French/Japanese translation study meeting

Every other month:                   Meeting of the board of members

Annual:                                  Japanese culture study (e.g. visit to local specialty       

                                            manufacturers, etc.)

                  ------------ Annual Events -------------

January           Ski Tour (e.g. Yamagata Zao)

April (or May)

    General Assembly

August            Volunteer guide in Sendai Tanabata Festival (at the booth of Sendai City 

                     Chamber of Commerce and Industry in JR Sendai station)

September       Global Festival in Sendai International Center (PR, exhibition, bazaar)

December          Year-end party

------------- Others ---------------

・ Volunteer guide seminar organized by the Department of Tourism, Miyagi Prefectural 


・ Friendship family program organized by MIA, Miyagi International Association