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違いにとても興味を持ったようでした。 お二人に感想文をお願いしました。

It was a very interesting visit to the Sendai Court. The buildings were very modern and the staff were friendly and helpful. I
enjoyed learning about the Saibanin system and the similarities and differences to our British Jury system.
The history room was also interesting and I liked seeing the old robes. It was fun trying on the judge’s robes too.
I am very grateful for the efforts from the court staff and translator. Arigatougozaimasu.

 Today I visited Sendai district-court, we were greeted by friendly staff who made our visit memorable.
I was surprised with the appearance of the courts and how similar the design was between the two countries,
Japan and Wales. I held no knowledge of the Japanese court system beforehand and after being taught on the subject I now have a great understanding.
I’m very grateful for this experience and hope that I am able to pass on this new found knowledge. Arigato gozaimasu.