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    It was the 9th of June when I went strawberry picking with Ito-san and his wife. Me and my 2 other friends met up early in the morning to take a train from Sendai station to Yamashita station. There we met up with Ito-san and the other people who were going strawberry picking. After a brief introduction we all went by car to the farm. I was very happy that the weather was very pleasant; which was fortunate since it had been raining for the past few days leading up to the strawberry picking date.  

As it turns out the farm wasn’t a farm chiefly for strawberry picking and that it grew other produce as well. But Ito-san assured us that it was better we went to this farm anyways since it was a more inexpensive alternative. After we arrived at the farm, we met the farm’s owner and after a brief explanation, we all went strawberry picking.

Each one of us was given a box to fill with as many strawberries as we could pick. My two friends, Hakuga and Ryo started filling their boxes at a high pace. They were determined to bring as much as they could carry back to their homes. As for me, I decided to be more tactful and only fill my box half full, as I knew that bringing back a heavy box all the way to my dorm would be backbreaking.

We had a lot of fun perusing the different aisles for strawberries and as we were taking pictures at the same time. Even though this was the end of the season for strawberry picking, the flavour of the berries was excellent! Ito-san also taught us a way to pick the berries without harming their soft exterior. After the event, Ito-san was very kind to offer the 3 of us a ride back to Sendai, saving us the troublesome ordeal of carry the boxes of strawberries ourselves.

They day turn out to be a very fun experience for me and I want to extend my deepest thanks to Ito-san and his wife for being so kind to take me and my friends to this event. And I look forward to meeting them both again!