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(*)会員のTTさんがホストファミリーとなっているマレーシアからの留学生S S Y さんの感想文を掲載します。

  On the June of 16, T San And his wife brought me to a local strawberry farm to harvest strawberries.
Early in the morning, T san take me with his car at University House Sanjo 1.
From there, we took a ride about 1 hour to the strawberry farm. Once arrived the farm,
we met with other MGGC member and some other guests.

  Before harvesting the strawberries, we greeted with the owner and we started the harvesting process.
We had so much fun as we eat the strawberries while harvesting. Since I’m very new in this kind of activity,
I only manage to harvest half a box of strawberries.

 After the harvesting the strawberries, we went to have lunch at a nearby Ryokan. We had tempura set meal
and it was delicious. After that, T san brought me to his house for a short visit. His house was
impressively pretty and full of leather decorations and paintings. Apparently the leather decorations was made
by I san. I was also served with some pickles made by I san. It was a very nice experience.

  Soon after the brief visit, I was sent back to University House Sanjo 1. It was a very interesting day and
unforgettable experience. I’m very thankful that my host family brought me to the strawberry farm and his house
for the visit I’m looking forward for more activities in the future.